Cheque for £34,000

Tom will also be presenting the Trustees with a Cheque for £34,000 (British Pounds) the majority of which is restricted to assist in the new construction. This tremendous amount of money was raised via several events organised by the charity and other external organisations/individuals along with many kind donations received from worldwide sources and indeed from many of you, our MEMBERS. The cheque presentation is purely for the purposes of the attending media as the actual funds will have been transferred from bank to bank before his visit.

On the ‘Home’ front:

  • We will shortly be revamping our own website to make it more appealing to the casual web browser.
  • If you have visited the website recently you will probably have seen that we have added a YouTube section where you can view footage from the Home.
  • You will also come across the recent FAQ section which we hope you will find helpful.
  • We are also in the process of increasing the number of trustees at the charity which will help tremendously in sharing our tasks. The new trustees will provide us with a wider representation across the UK.
  • Our New Unique Home (Facebook) Fan Page continues to flourish and has become a useful vehicle for enquirers and ‘friends’ to share their experiences and leave comments on what they think of the Home and the work it does.

Remember, if you have any news or images taken of the Home please feel free to submit it to us, or why not input it onto the Facebook Page for all to see and read.

If you are thinking of organising an event to support Unique Home, then please make contact with us.

Our Membership continues to grow, particularly since the ABC broadcast. It now stands at ………worldwide.

Look forward to updating you again soon.

Sent on behalf of the Board of Trustees: UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)

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