“Oh No, not another charity event!” Sharan Ghuman



“Oh No, not another charity event” I hear you cry! Many of you may have seen the posters for our LOHRI of Hope Dinner and Dance and thought ” I just can’t be bothered”.

We would like to take just a few minutes of your time to explain why these events are so very important to us.
Of course all charities have an objective to raise funds for their chosen cause. We are not going to insult your intelligence by telling you that this is not our primary aim too. Of course it is. I think it would be pertinent to explain just why these funds are so important?
Issues relating to female infanticide are still prevalent across the world, especially more so in our motherland, India, where giving birth to sons is still favoured over bearing a daughter. Many girls are killed in the womb the minute their identity is established.  274 girls are killed in utero in Punjab alone every day. ( Source: The Missing Girls 2011). If she does manage to survive the 9 months inside the womb, the minute she enters the world she is discarded like a piece of rubbish. This is where organisations like Unique Home are pivotal. Bibi Parkash Kaur ensures that no newborn baby girl or infant is left on the streets to perish. Whether they are rescued from rubbish bins or their parents simply leave them in the homes cradle, these abandoned Angels are guaranteed a safe haven. Unique home is that refuge, where they are fed, clothed, educated but above all, where they are given unconditional love.
Bringing up a child is by no means an easy feat. Clothing,education,medical fees all add up and with no assistance from local government, survival on a daily basis is a great struggle.
This is where support from us is vital. Every single girl deserves a chance at life. Luckily for these girls, love is something they will never lack under the shelter of the wonderful bibi Parkash Kaur but to ensure a bright future, financial aid is imperative.
UK Friends of Unique home, its founders, trustees and volunteers have worked hard for the last few years to raise awareness of the home and have been involved in a vast array of charity events to raise these much needed funds for Unique home. The money raised by UK residents over the last few years as enabled a brand new home to be built from scratch, which the girls will hopefully be moving into later this year.
As a charity we think very carefully about the kind of events we want to put our name to. Many of our events centre around the themes of equality for  girls. From cultural gidda events, where being a woman is celebrated to our upcoming event, A Lohri of Hope, we are trying to change the mindset of our communities and trying to get the message across, our daughters are just as important as our sons.
Sunday 24th January 2015, UK friends of Unique home will host one of the first celebrations of its kind, a LOHRI for girls. “But Lohri is only celebrated if you have a boy isn’t it?”
“This is wrong. This is not our tradition, why are we celebrating LOHRI for girls?” These are some of the comments we have heard. We ask WHY?
WHY should the birth of our daughters not be celebrated?
Why are mothers who have given birth to princesses made to feel inadequate?
This is why we have decided to hold a family dinner and Dance in the hope we can change this custom which we firmly believe is so very wrong. It’s our

The hope for equality between daughter and son
A hope that will be so very alien to some.

The hope to make a change to customs old
A Hope to dare to be so bold?

The hope to celebrate her with laughter and joy
A hope that she is equal to any boy.

The celebration of Lohri is not only for boys,
Give our daughters a chance to experience the joys.

24th Jan, don’t sit and mope
Make a difference and join us for
The Lohri of Hope!

We hope to welcome you and your families on Saturday 24th January in Birmingham!

We promise you a fun filled evening, with performances from the UKs most renowned artists, such as Sukshinder Shinda and JK. There will be performances by Vasda Punjab, Eternal Taal, And world class entertainment by DJ NAV and DJ Dipps Bhamrah. The entire event is being co ordinated by Snob Events, Parvy Rakar, wedding planner of the Year.

You will be treated to a four course meal to ensure you have all the energy needed for dancing the night away. There will be fabulous prizes up for grabs in our raffle as well as absolutely fabulous items in our Auction. Will Harjap Bhangal and Jag Chima be pointing at you when they bring down the hammer and shout “SOLD”.

Yes, we can most definitely promise you an enchanting fun evening, but the best part? You would have had all this fun but you will know you have made a difference to a little girls life. All the profits from this event will be going directly to India to ensure a better future for the Unique Angels.

Support us

Make a change

Make a difference!

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