Sophie’s trip to Unique Home

Since setting up in 2010 we have been working with the amazing charity Unique Home for Girls, so I’m really pleased to announce that in the early part of 2013, I will be going to visit the home to help build a new website as well as provide social media training to the girls.

Due to the dowry system, boys are all too frequently regarded as the preferred sex and consequently infanticide is often the chosen path for women who feel they have no alternative..Unique Home for Girls provides safe surroundings for those that are fortunate enough not to be killed at birth. The home has one simple goal – to give these girls back their lives.

Prakash Kaur is the woman behind the home and was abandoned as a baby herself over 60 years ago. Since the home opened in 1993, Prakash Kaur has worked tirelessly to provide endless love and care to the girls in the home, who range from just a few weeks old to young adults.

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