Satinder Panesar


What’s Your Name And Where Are You Based?

My name is Satinder Panesar and I am based in Glasgow, Scotland

When Did you Become a Trustee of UK Friends of Unique Home (Punjab)?

I was introduced to this charity by Tom Harrigan – I then went to visit the home in 2010 and spent some time with the girls and Bibi Prakash Kaur. As soon as I returned back to Scotland I wanted to get involved and raise awareness for the home. I’ve never looked back since.

What Is Your Area of Expertise?

I am integrative psychotherapist who has worked in the third sector, NHS GG&C and private sector over the past 25 year across the UK – delivering face to face or telephone counselling sessions – I’m also an Individual and Group Clinical Supervisor. I’m passionate about working with vulnerable young people and adults.

As a Punjabi speaking Psychotherapist I’m able to work effectively with clients taking into consideration some of the difficulties clients have with language, religion, culture and community this forms a particular interest in working with Trauma and Culture.

Some of my work includes working with young people and adults who have experienced forced marriage; Honour based Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Rape & Sexual Assault, and Cultural Identity etc.

I am an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) an also a member of the national BACP Healthcare Executive Committee whose aim is to promote and support excellence in healthcare counselling and psychotherapy.

Tell Us Something Unusual About Yourself

My husband and I are both animal lovers and have recently discovered the horrific practice of bear farming that is carried out in China and Vietnam. Bears are kept in cages barely large enough to move around in and are kept like this for their life time.

Bear bile is extracted from their stomachs and used for medicinal purposes in China. It has been proven by doctors and scientists that there are synthetic substitutes therefore these bears are going through this torture for no reason. This is legal in China but illegal in Vietnam. We feel passionate about this cause as these Asiatic bears (always known as moon bears) and other bears around the planet for some reason are the most vulnerable animals that mankind is abusing. We are both interested in fighting for this cause.

How Can We Get In Contact With You?


Mobile: 07811216735