Was it wrong you gave me away?
Did you ever want me to stay?

I was a girl, was that why,
You left my side with a sigh?

I can’t even remember the touch of your hand.
But you had your reasons, I understand.

You placed me in the cradle and turned away,
Never again a word to say.

I don’t know who and where you are,
It may even be you in that car.

I often think of the life I may have had,
It brings me to tears and makes me sad.

But sad and bitter, I do not remain,
You did me a favour when you left me in the rain.

I gained the love of a wonderful other,
The one I’m so proud to call my mother.

She showered me with love from day one,
In a second my heart was won.

Her lessons of chivalry I’ve cherished so dear.
She moulded my heart to love with no fear.

Her lullaby songs always comforted me to sleep,
Banished all the monsters from memories deep.

I’m happy that God kept me alive,
Gave me sisters so I could strive.

My beautiful sisters completed my life,
Always United in moments of strife.

I flourished in a Unique happy home full of laughter,
Where sadness was never ever sought after.

Being born a girl is not so bad,
I know I’m just as capable as any lad.

I’m skilled and educated and talented too,
These are not the dreams I had from you.

Bibi Prakash Kaur, my saviour mother,
Made be believe in myself like no other.

Thank you will never be enough to express how I feel,
To the wonderful woman who helped me heal.

Bibi Prakash Kaur my angel from heaven,
At your feet is my garden of Eden.


Sharan Ghuman – Trustee UK Friends Of Unique Home

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