Whats been going on?

On returning to our activities since the last newsletter, may we once again take this opportunity to personally thank you for your continued and loyal membership of UK Friendsand your unstinting support for Unique Home for Girls, Jalandhar, Punjab. Please forgive the delay in getting back in touch with you but I am sure you will forgive us once you have read the contents of this newsletter.

What then has been happening to delay our contact with you? Believe it or not we are still ‘suffering’ in a nice way from the high profile we at UK Friends and indeed Unique Home itself received as a result of the feature broadcast by the American TV Channel ABC 20/20 in December 2011. Our trustees have been working tirelessly in an attempt to answer the 500 or so emails received. This in addition to the many misdirected enquiries we at UK Friends received from organisations and individuals thinking we were in fact Unique Home for Girls in Jalandhar. To this day emails continue to roll in on a daily basis. If you or a friend signed up as a Member or sent us an email since our last newsletter and have not received confirmation or an answer then please bear with us.

In bringing you right up to date, we have to inform you that our trustee Tom Harrigan is visiting the Home from 6 – 12 November this year. During his time at the Home he will be meeting with the Board of Trustees to put many questions to them which several of you have asked us in the past. We have already pre-empted this by obtaining some answers from the trustees to FAQ which we have placed on our website.

With the authority of the Home, Tom will be engaging a local media organisation to record his visit, the footage of which once edited will be downloaded to our website. He will also be laying the foundations for a visit in early 2013 by a UK website design and marketing organisation whose remit will be to discuss the Home’s requirements in setting up a website in addition to providing an appropriate IT training programme to the older girls and staff.

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